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The Internet of Things is taking over the manufacturing industry

The Internet of Things takes production by storm - Machining in the Age of Networking

The Internet of Things is becoming more and more popular. Companies are increasingly integrating IoT-Technologies into their facilities in the hope of simplifying manufacturing and gaining more control over operations. So will you soon be able to say goodbye to resource management, quality control and downtime monitoring? Spoiler alarm: you can't. Nevertheless, the use of the Internet of Things in your company already offers many advantages.

Why the concept of IoT has been around longer than you might think

Have you ever had the honour of experiencing the majestic flashing of the engine control light in your car live? Congratulations, then you already have hands-on experience with the Internet of Things. Well, in a very simplified form at least. A sensor checks the condition of the engine, detects a negative condition and reports that your car needs a service appointment. The IoT also works in a similar way in industrial machining. Sounds ILLUMINATING, doesn't it? But that's not all, of course...

Shaping the way into the future with today's data

When it comes to the Internet of Things, everything revolves around the communication of devices. Processes are automated and constantly checked for their effectiveness and efficiency, for example by collecting data from a CNC control in real time and then carrying out a fully automatic analysis and evaluation of technical information. The keywords for the machining industry here are SCADA and PLC.

SCADA systems and their connection to the IoT

Almost everywhere you look today, there's a kind of behind the scenes surveillance and data collection system that runs, for example, in your favorite gas station or in your local supermarket. We can't tell you why this intelligent networking can't prevent you from having only one open checkout at peak times, but that's another issue. Back to SCADA. It's an automation system commonly used in modern industrial environments to capture real-time data from remote locations to control devices and conditions. This brings us to the next point: the optimization of the programmable logic controller thanks to the IoT.

The Great Enabler - The Programmable Logic Controller and the Internet of Things

As much as things may change due to the IoT, the PLC remains the heart of the industrial control system. Thanks to technological progress, we can connect all the machines together, in several factories, anywhere in the world. These machines can run a master program that is passed from a smaller central controller to individual PLC modules. For less complicated processes, a simple external PLC on one device eliminates the need for complex and costly electromechanical options.

When do you use the advantages of the IoT in your company?

Thanks to the IoT, manufacturing companies have access to enormous amounts of data. This knowledge helps them to react even better to the demands of the market. Expect improvements in inventory control, quality control, energy management and time. IoT users can look forward to greater productivity and higher profit margins. MySolutions can help you take full advantage of the Internet of Things. Integrate IoT solutions from MySolutions into your ERP software, machine controls, systems and much more. Simply make an appointment with us for a non-binding consultation on the subject of the Internet of Things.

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