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Save setup time by preliminary setting

Save setup time by preliminary setting - An underestimated success factor in production

Would you welcome an increase in productivity of up to 20%, lowering the tooling cost and working hours? Then read on. In the past, we have already published some articles on the topics of preparation and tool management. Many of them were factual, informative, and provided valid arguments and examples for the benefits of preliminary set-ups and the benefits of digital tool management. So why write another article about it? Well, unfortunately, from our point of view, this was not considered enough. Sure, many have read, agreed with the idea, and believe that this is a great way to cut costs. But when it came to the implementation, it did not get on quite well. Why? Good question whose answer would go beyond the scope of this format here. With this article, we want to try again, not only to convince you but rather provoke actions.

The biggest effort in every production facility is time

As an example, consider a production plant that operates four CNC milling machines for two shifts a day at a cost of € 40 per hour. If every operator needs only one hour per shift on each machine for the setup, the production plant loses about € 320 per day or € 80,000 per year due to downtime.

Calculation: 80 € Hourly rate (man / machine), each shift 30 Min. Downtime = 1 hour per day, per machine (2 shifts, 4 machines), per month (20 working days) 320 € x20Tg. = 6'400 €. Per year (250 working days) 320 € x250Tg. = 80'000 €

If the specified set-up time is not sufficient to ensure optimum cutting conditions, short downtimes and broken parts will quickly reduce the profit even further. Pre-rigging is one way to get around this trap.

Increase production, reduce set-up time and minimize downtime

The purchase of a system for setup time optimization makes it possible to shift the focus to the machining process. Clamping, tooling and other setup procedures take less time. The machine operator can thus concentrate on the actual operations of the machine operation and parts control.

Set-up time reduction through equipment pre-setting - Only the tool management gets the optimum out

Instead of installing each tool from scratch, tools are partially pre-assembled and stored. Only when programming or scheduling the job, the necessary last tool adjustments are defined. This saves massively setup time. In order to know what is already pre-assembled in which assembly and which components fit on it, a good tool management is required. MySolutions has recognized this problem and developed a matching solution. The interactive setup of tools and clamping devices can be achieved with the ToolManager and its logistics modules.

Any last thoughts?

MySolutions products are not limited to isolated solutions. The focus is rather on the optimization of your production processes. The modular systems can already deal today with the increasingly stringent requirements for process safety, documentation and traceability. They can also be extended, modified and updated at any time with new requirements. Use the turn of the year to implement a good intentionally. Contact us to learn more about how your business can benefit from equipment pre-setting and introducing tool management.

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