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Let us master the challenges of shift work with technology and better processes

The manufacturing industry has made dramatic progress in many areas such as warehouse management, personnel planning and logistics management. Since it seems a bit strange that you still use the same working strategies from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, right? Shiftwork is a relic of supposedly long forgotten times. Perhaps you are one of those who sometimes wonder: how do I reduce the effort or the number of employees required per shift? Have you ever considered whether you can do without shiftwork?

Shift work - (not) a job to fall in love with?

Actually, the shift work is not so bad after all. They just hire a few more people, avoid overtime bonuses, and increase production to meet customer needs, right? Of course, everyone wants to have irregular working hours, be isolated from the rest of the world and sleep all day long. Anyone who is not a 15-year-old boy will not necessarily be enthusiastic about these working conditions. We do not want to talk about qualified, reliable and well-trained employees here. However, a shift operation in some production environments simply cannot be avoided. However, that does not mean that the framework conditions cannot be significantly improved.

The secret of increasing employee engagement via technology

Not everything is lost. There may be a way out. Businesses are finding smarter ways to improve the commitment and engagement of their employees through technology integration. This is often accompanied by a fundamental analysis of process optimization. However, some companies are reluctant to take advantage of integrated technologies. They voluntarily do without database solutions, digital inventory or intelligent shift planning.

Technology as a productivity reducer?

Behind them is often the misconception that such innovations are accompanied by new, dangerous devices such as mobile phones, smart devices, tablets and so on, which distract their employees from work. However, this is not the case. If an employee wants to be unproductive, then he will find a way. It does not matter if he works with a Macintosh from 1990 or with an iPhone XS. Technology in the workplace is one of the best ways to ensure the highest possible operational effectiveness.

Freedom! - For the employees, for the planners and for the budget

In manufacturing environments, shiftwork can be significantly improved. One promising approach is the integration of productivity-enhancing elements such as databases or scheduling programs. This is supplemented by a fundamental evaluation of the operating procedures and subsequent optimization. The goal is to reduce costs while empowering your employees to work more flexibly and freely with the technology. The employees of the MySolutions Group are experts in creating synergies. Learn in a personal conversation with us how to use technology to your advantage.

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