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 make you indispensable thanks dispensable software

No power to the hostage-takers - make you indispensable thanks dispensable software

Imagine being part of a dangerous military combat operation. Suddenly the only member of the team injured who has a special skill required for this mission. Just pack up and go home? While manufacturing is not about life or death, it can sometimes feel that way. Businesses cannot afford to take a risk just because a key player is missing at a critical point.

Solve problems before they become disasters

Everyone knows them, these employees who are indispensable because of their specialist or process knowledge. Without them, everything could fall apart. You know what? This is a business risk that you have created yourself and which you have to fix yourself. Until there is a culture in your business where redundancy and not just individual efforts are rewarded by superstars, the company is in danger. These are fundamental mistakes in your organization that are just waiting to explode and cause chaos.

What is the problem with indispensable employees?

Indispensable employees are so-called bottlenecks in a company. These are employees who are stuck in their well-rehearsed roles. They are unable to grow in any way because they need to be able to support the business in its current role. In addition, such employees often incur the cost of project delays, for example, when they fail at short notice or are otherwise employed. That's not good for this employee, the project, and certainly not for the operation.

How is the best way to deal with indispensable employees?

The answer to this question is as simple as obvious: fire it! You did not expect that now, did you? But do not worry, you don't really have to fire them. You must, however, make unnecessary essentials expendable. There is no reason why a particular person needs to be the one everyone depends on. Not only the company, but also the employees considered indispensable suffer from their situation. By making themselves indispensable, they create the problems just described. In addition, such performers always pose a risk, namely when they consider the operation hostage to their requirements. So how do you get capable employees without making them indispensable?

Store knowledge centrally - complete a culture of excellence through technology

You have many options to solve the problem of indispensable employees. The simplest of these is a MySolutions database. With the modular software solutions from MySolutions you save and manage your data, processes and information easily and quickly in one central location. Those who still insist on keeping their knowledge to themselves, in order to make themselves important and indispensable, have had their day. Instantly address the problem of indispensable employees to protect yourself against unwanted surprises, and get informed in a personal conversation about the products of the MySolutions Group.

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