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tracking systems in production

Once tracked, never hidden - tracking systems in production

The use of tools or machines always first requires knowledge of their status. We also all know that it is not uncommon in manufacturing companies to trade machines and tools according to production requirements. Since it can happen sometimes that e.g. an equipment is lost. In production, however, every minute counts. The time spent searching for something is wasted time. This also and especially applies to the topic of inventory management.

The manual way of thinking applies to digital efficiency

The general opinion that manual tracking by tables and lists is a sure thing hurts your business. Sure, it's a cheap method. However, it is also a financial and operational commitment. Here is a typical example of why manual tracking methods are inadequate.

The XYZ manufacturing facility owns hundreds of devices, from clamping elements to tool parts. These systems sometimes move simultaneously, sometimes sporadically, from the main warehouse to more than 200 employees at more than 100 jobs per year. The company is trying to monitor who has the right equipment, where it is, and when it was taken elsewhere - all with an Excel spreadsheet. You see where that leads, right? After one month at the latest, nobody either knows where something is or the company has gone bankrupt before.

Use the power of digitization and technology

Do not shy away from innovations, just because you finally understand the principle of spreadsheets on the PC. A little forward-thinking about the introduction of digital tracking systems almost inevitably leads to a higher return on investment. After all, it is an open secret that the use of digital systems in manufacturing leads to cost savings. Part of this results from the removal of inefficiencies, such as repetitive data entry and task redundancies.

In response to the complex demands of real-time management in manufacturing operations, a tracking system must deliver top performance. It also can not hurt if it is user friendly and error free. This is usually achievable through a combination of sophisticated pricing, robust hardware, a mobile app, and customizable features.

Your specialist in the field of tracking solutions for manufacturing companies

The MySolutions tracking systems are user-friendly and consist of signalers, gateways and the software that collects and analyzes the data.
As with all other products, MySolutions also wanted to find a solution that was modular, interoperable and ready to use, as their tracking systems evolved. Find out more about tracking systems in production. Contact the MySolutions Group personally to find out how your business would benefit from integrating such a system.

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