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Learning to love problems thanks to manufacturing software and databases

Learning to love problems thanks to manufacturing software and databases

Henry Ford once to have said: "Whether you think you can do it or not - you're right." The value of this quote is to realize that the secret to dealing with difficulties is how to shape a situation. Problems are bad, right? They must be solved, avoided, alleviated and managed. The originators of problems must be identified and appropriately sanctioned. But maybe there is a much more meaningful and effective way to deal with problems. Maybe it's time to take a closer look at the way you encounter problems at your facility. Because if you always see nothing but problems, then the focus will probably always be on the problems.

Problem versus solution-oriented thinking

A good starting point is to see how you perceive problems in your business. Is there a general perspective that all problems are negative? Almost every breakthrough in human history began with a problem that a smart, shrewd person saw as an opportunity. Problems can help you understand the environment in which your business operates, the various factors that affect performance, and the impact of various decisions. What can your problems tell you about the limitations, potential and capabilities of your business? You may overlook some important opportunities.

Success is not the quantity of problem solving

In addition, not all problems have solutions, not all problems need solutions, and not all solutions should be implemented. Success is not the quantity of problem solving - it is the quality of the solutions, the feasibility and the maximization of the positive effects on the company. Solutions should be considered as investments that include both value and cost dimensions.

Not every solution involves a confetti storm - just keep it simple

When NASA sent astronauts into space for the first time, they found that pens do not work in zero gravity. To solve the problem, they invested ten years and $ 12 million. NASA's engineers developed a pen that worked in weightlessness, upside down, underwater, on virtually any surface, including crystals, and in a temperature range from below freezing to over 300 degrees Celsius. What did the Russians do? They used a pencil. Not every problem requires a glamorous, costly solution.

Focus on solutions instead of problems

How much time has been wasted on your farm looking for a culprit or "scapegoat"? In the long term, an open error policy is so much cheaper, more pleasant for the employees and also conducive to the working atmosphere. However, the conditions for such an open error policy are not easy to establish. You have to learn to accept mistakes and focus on the causes. Think in the future too, the production software from MySolutions helps you to get started in solution-oriented thinking. In the MyXPert database solutions you will find further information about all production steps as well as a detailed history. Just find out in a personal conversation about the ways we can help you with your problems.

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