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Article management – The Holy Grail of the warehouse management in manufacturing companies?

Article management – The Holy Grail of the warehouse management in manufacturing companies?

Competition in production is more demanding than ever. ERP-Outsourcing is a strategic option to increase the success. Here you find out, why it is.

Warehouse management rethought – The advantages from a combination between a intern software and extern service provider

Image you have to spend the next Christmas without chocolate. What is your reaction? Before you hastily rushing to the supermarket and emptying the sweets shelves, there is no reason to panic. In 1999 a lot of people in North America suffered from an acute shortage of chocolate. As a result of a failed technology launch, nearly one of the world`s largest chocolate producers – in this case Hershey Foots – would have been brought down. A threatening chocolate coup could indeed be averted. However, problems with the software for internal article management led to the company not being able to deliver products in worth of $ 100 million and the stock was down 8 percent.

The optimal use of resources

Today`s economic conditions requires from companies to looking for opportunities for saving money and lower the cost. In the fiercely competitive manufacturing industry, the key to competitiveness lies in the conversation of valuable resources. Who can being able to focus on core competencies and minimize inventory costs improves their position relative to the competition. A meaningful way for the achievement of these targets is the use of a powerful software to the production management, which ideally includes an option to connect external service providers.

The production management is a mix of science and art. But the success of a manufacturing company depends crucially on the right decisions in this area. No wonder, that more and more companies are choosing to outsource some or all parts of inventory management to a competent partner.

The advantages of integrating external service providers for article managment

Even taking into account the Hersey dilemma mentioned above, this combination is a promising option for companies of all sizes to handle the cost of internal inventory management cost-effectively, time-consuming and resource-saving. If the software runs properly and the external partner does it`s job responsibly, it will have a positive impact on the entire operation.

Where the outsourcing or the integration of external service providers was once considered an instrument, that only big companies could take advantage of, it is today a practicable option for companies of all sizes, who are looking for efficiency gains or want to outsoure non-core tasks.

The right software for you company

Fluctuating demand, short product life cycles and frequent product changes are the rule rather than the exception in modern manufacturing. An external partner for the warehouse management and article management can also be a success, when his work would be added with a perfect personally software for article management. Such a combination is the best answer to challenging market conditions.

Finding the right solution for optimization your warehouse management requires a precisely assessment of your current needs and your plans for future development. When your company grows up, can your warehouse manufacturing also grow up? Does the system provide enough flexibility to facilitate changes in the corporate structure? Does it give you the transparency you need to manage your inventories?

Scalabality, flexibility and transparency are the three key elements, which sets the benchmark for an investment in the area of enterprise resource planning. They are the same decisive criteria that are often cited for a negative attitude towards investment in own article management.

Article management as a miracle weapon for successful manufacturing companies

In manufacturing companies a possible optimization of the article management usually ends with the reference to the associated effort. The positive effects are generally underestimated. This does not only seem futile to far-sighted employees in manufacturing companies. After all, powerful article management software, such as the MyXPert OfficeManager from MySolutions, provides regular evidence of increasing success through effective merchandise management.

The program provides exportable address and contact management as well as the option to create quotes, invoices and orders in multiple languages. The integrated article and product management includes direct database access and can be easily connected to external service providers such as Mercanteo or Epaxios. A user-friendly entry and exit booking system provides a real-time overview of inventory levels. Orders and invoices can be integrated into your own warehouse management. The warehouse management can also be combined with systems from various manufacturers, such as Hänel and Lista.

Here you can find more informations about the individual configurable software solutions for the article management in manufacturing companies from MySolutions. Ultimately, it does not matter whether you produce chocolate, sports shoes or chipboard and also whether you invest 400 million or 4000 euros in a optimized inventory management system – Your customers expect professional handling and on-time delivery. Respond to your customers trust and exceed their expectations by using the MyXPert OfficeManager.

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