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Maintenance software in manufacturing companies

A new horizon for your process optimization – Maintenance software in manufacturing companies

Here you find out why monitoring in maintenance increases the efficiency of your employees and minimizes the repair demand. The maintenance as a necessary and tolerated time-eater – in manufacturing companies is this view more a rule than an exception. The maintenance team rarely receives more support than the cleaning staff. Maintenance software, if used at all, is selected more according to how beautiful it looks – visually appealing and extensive reports are always welcome – or how well it integrates with other software. Functionality and performance principles are ignored or underprioritized. However, computer-aided monitoring tailored to your organizations is individual maintenance needs can help your business in many ways. It improves operational output, reduces costs and increases overall efficiency. Read on to find out how integrating modularized maintenance software, such as MyXPert ProductionManager from MySolutions, will drive your business forward.

1. Take advantages of preventative maintenance plans

A reactive maintenance management can tie up up to 40% of the budget. To reduce this cost factor, the transition to preventive maintenance plans helps. The corresponding implementation requires automation. A CMMS allows you to adhere to a clean, organized schedule that automatically sends repair notifications and orders, or even an estimate of required materials.

2. Benefit from real-time monitoring

By leveraging existing data and simplifying the presentation of results, a CMMS system provides an instant overview of your operations. It can provide the most up-to-date plant conditions, repairs, inventories and a whole range of other information at any time.

3. Keep your workforce lean and efficient

A preventive maintenance system results in fewer outages and other maintenance issues, which in turn requires fewer technicians to work with. In addition, engineers spend less time on unnecessary administrative tasks and can focus more on their main tasks.

4. Simplify audits and certifications

Many maintenance managers are afraid of regular certifications, The results are unwieldy folders and tons of paperwork that are painstakingly edited over time. By contrast, a CMMS software package reduces paperwork and preparation for an audit. With little effort, people in charge create a report with all the information they need and all preparations are quick and easy.

Maintenance and servicing rethought

Take your maintenance management to the next level of development with an automated process. With the monitoring module of the MySolutions Group, maintenance activities for each object can be recorded once and the required articles, such as consumables, can be clearly assigned. The system also informs about upcoming activities, automatically documents the execution and monitors the stock levels. The documentation takes place via a certified signature pad, which also records biometric data – an unobtrusive and yet legally secure solution for your company.
Find out about the powerful module solutions for the maintenance software of the MySolutions Group. Keep up-to-date with current status reports, keep your budget under control and minimize production downtime. Contact us to learn more about what our software can do for you.

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