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 data availability anytime and anywhere

Mobility through real-time data – data availability anytime and anywhere

In this article, you will learn how to make your manufacturing operations competitive by optimizing internal mobility. At pre-smartphone school days was the game „Silent post“ alias „phone game” popular. Do you remember? You give a message orally from person to person and amused at the end of how much is the message different of the original version after arrival at the last person. From a simple sentence like “All donkeys are grey” can be in the context of six or seven news intermediaries quickly times a cheering message such as “A brown cow has climbed on the last school trip to the Engadin the gray-haired history teacher”.

The one says Hüh, the other Hott, already it`s not running so fast in the company

Even today, a similar problem can often be observed in manufacturing, which is a fundamental weak point in the organization. The keyword is mobility, because it is not only important in road traffic, but also in data access in production environments. Decisions made in one part of the operation must be transmitted as promptly as possible to all other affected areas. Ideally, all employees should be able to access operational data anywhere and a any time. And that has never been easier thanks to mobile technology than it is today.

Flexible and precise communication thanks to software

Moblie technologies release the employees from the obligation for on-site physical presence and promote real-time communication. Smartphones or other Internet-enabled devices can always provide an overview of the current order situation or change requests, and the have various control options at their disposal. Operational advantages of mobility in manufacturing include:

- Increase in overall productivity, - Cost reduction through increased efficiency, - Faster access to important imformation, - Facilitate cooperation between staff at all levels, - Improved ROI, - Sales increases and - Securing competitive advantages.

Mobile technologies have a positive impact on all aspects of operations, from production to warehousing and management. Especially today, when the world enters the stage of the fourth industrial revolution, the production processes must be closely linked. This mainly concerns the communication and cooperation between machines and between people and ideally takex place in real time via wireless devices with a web-based interface.

From the silent post to quick posts

Mobility in the manufacturing industry is more than a trend, it is an essential pillar of the success. The MySolutions Group has developed with the MyXPert Touch Terminal software a solution, which oriented to the needs in manufacturing environments. The program can be used on industrial PC`s with touch screen, on smartphones or on tablets and is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. The web-based user interface is designed for simple touch operation and was developed together with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences for optimal usability (UI/UX).

Stop playing „Silent post“ in your company and inform you about the advantages of mobility in manufacturing.

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