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Command, Run, Amaze – robots in manufacturing

Command, Run, Amaze – robots in manufacturing

From cars to the dentist – Robotics is used successfully everywhere today. Read here how robots can positively influence your production. From a robot named „Fatty” you will never expect that he is unfriendly or will attack you. But that`s exactly what happened some time ago at a robotics fair in Shenzhen, China. During a demonstration, the industrial robot “Fatty” rammed a booth and broke a pane of glass, after which the flying splinters cut into the ankle of a random passing visitor. Of course, “Fatty” did not deliberately mimic the Terminator, his human commander had just pressed a wrong button. Accidents with industrial robots are relatively rare, but “Fatty`s” escapades remind us that such events are mostly the responsibility of their operators or programmers. But that should not stop you from integrating robotics into your production environment. Because it offers enormous potential for value.

Robots in the metal cutting industry – How Fatty & Co care a sensation in production

Everyone knows the great production line in the automobile industry. The automated precision artists have become indispensable in the factory halls. But the eager helpers are for way more good then just manipulating, soldering and welding. Some companies in the manufacturing industry are already using robots for machining activities. Include the processing of polystyrene, wood, stone, plastic and some light metals. But the latest innovations in robotics enable so much more: Potential further applications include trimming, welding, spray coating, painting, polishing, grinding and milling.

The secret of successful automation – Outsource the unpleasant work

When using robots, many companies rarely succeed in exploiting the full potential of automation. The reason for this is simple: While the company saves resources on one hand, it has to reuse them elsewhere for the robot`s programming. The fact that production managers often do not know what they will produce tomorrow makes the situation even more complex.

Why external programming is preferable to teach-int

Easier is possible, because you practice the perfect solution every day in the company. After all, it is now almost natural for manufacturing companies, that multi-axis machines must be programmed with a CAM software specially developed for this purpose. With the same software, you can now also program multi-axis robotic systems. The external configuration of the robot in the CAM software makes it unnecessary to teach the robot cumbersome and time-consuming within the operation.

Better rely on external programming and monitoring of the axes in the CAM system. With the MyXPert VirtualCAM, this is straightforward and possible with a visual user interface. Get informed about the options with robotics in your production environment with customized solutions from MySolutions Group. We promise you that with our programming your own “Fatty” will only do what he should.

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