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how the combination of ERP and the MyXPert OfficeManager optimizes your maintenance

Data, statistics, analysis and more – how the combination of ERP and the MyXPert OfficeManager optimizes your maintenance

Read on to know how to eliminate inefficiencies in the maintenance by the combination of a modular ERP with the MyXPert OfficeManager.

“The price of enlightment is less than the cost of darkness."

Granted, the manufacturing industry is not necessarily an area who is open for innovation. This is even more true when it comes to investing in physically intangible things like data collection and processing. One more reason to trust Arthur Nielsen and his verdict. He is one of the great innovators in the field of data collection and author of the input quote. What he means is that if you don’t use data properly, your competitors will.

If you consider innovation as an opportunity and not as a necessary evil, you should read on. Provided, of course, that you have not extinguished all your innovation lights.

Data, Data, Data - The new currency of success

Why the data acquisition for the production has become very important? Data is collected from each machine and each technological component of the production processes in your company. Access to real-time data helps people in charge to view, analyze, and respond to time-sensitive information faster and more accurately. Sounds simple, right? As a technical expert you might be able to tell a dozen applications where the data acquisition increases the success. Today, however, we want to limit ourselves to maintenance and servicing.

Preventive maintenance with modular ERP solutions

The cost of maintenance or repairs can endanger the success and competitiveness of a manufacturing company because they significantly affect the production. This can be avoided by implementing the combination of the MyXPert Monitoring module for maintenance and the OfficeManager for the automated purchase of all needed articles. This increases the effectiveness of your processes and creates synergies, enabling trends to be recognized early on and to enable predictive maintenance.

How the MySolutions Group brings you up to date

Where competing products just offer a statistical analysis as an added benefit, the ERP system of MySolutions can be expanded modularly, for example, with the OfficeManager. This module uses the existing articles or stocks as planning base of the maintenance activities. If required, the system automatically creates an interactive order proposal and sends it directly to the suppliers via the desired channel - e-mail, central purchasing or ordering systems such as Mercateo, Epaxios etc.

The Lego system of the manufacturing Industry - With modularized software to success

The success of today's production and manufacturing companies is based on good data, the path to good data begins and ends with a powerful and flexible ERP. Find out more about the potential of our modularized solutions and step into the light while your competition fumble in the dark.

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