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Vorausschauende Wartung als Wettbewerbsvorteil

Monitoring in the manufacturing – Forward maintenance as a competitive advantage

In the manufacturing you look for possibilities to reduce costs and increase ROI. Here you find more information about the advantage from monitoring. A maintenance engineer is called to an extraordinary assignment on a cold winter night. He enters the production hall, assesses the situation, takes a rubber mallet and with a simple stroke in place, the machine works again.
«How much do I owe you?” ask the manager.
„210 Euros“ is the answer.
„What? 210 Euros for one hit with the mallet?”
„No“, says the maintenance engineer. „The hit costs only 10 Euros. Knowing where to go to hit, costs 200 Euros.”

Industry 4.0 – Sensor-based data acquisition to solve the big problems

With the advent of the Industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry is increasingly relying on sensor-based data collection and seamless controlling monitoring to solve her biggest problems. The monitoring, also know as condition monitoring or preventive maintenance, refers to the practice of monitoring electrical equipment via sensors for acquiring diagnostic data.

Condition monitoring versus condition evaluation

In the condition evaluation, technicians perform routine visual component inspections, which are pre-planned snapshots of the state of these components – regardless of historical performance or previous inspections. Condition monitoring takes into account a much wider set of granular data. These include sensor data from the plant, past inspections, other components of the same type, location and condition of the plant and historical trends. An analysis is performed that predicts future problems and the expected timing of their occurrence.

The benefits of predictive maintenance

Automatic reports on strategic maintenance planning and proactive repairs already reduce maintenance time and costs by up to 50 precent. Analytically sound findings also improve the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by reducing unnecessary maintenance, increasing equipment life and enabling root cause analysis of a system to detect problems before failure. As a small bonus, there is also a complete documentation for the next audit.

Monitoring – An effort that is worth it

The aim of the monitoring is to enable seamless controlling of all operating areas. This profit is surprisingly too insignificant for many companies. You can not or do not want to justify the purchase of a monitoring solution. Process monitoring by data acquisition systems helps manufacturing companies achieve long-term stability and high ROI.
Find out more about the potential of monitoring here. With the proprietary monitoring module has the MySolutions Group a solution in her portfolio that can be adapted to your individual needs. Protect your wallet, give your maintenance technicians a well-deserved night`s sleep and contact us to find out more.

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