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Every move has an magic in it - News from MySolutions

The American writer and natural scientist Benjamin Franklin once claimed: "Moving three times is as bad as burning once. Nothing could be further from our minds here at MySolutions Group than to contradict such a great thinker and visionary. We would rather leave that to another great thinker and contemporary of Franklin. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had a far more positive attitude towards moving, which may have led him to attribute a magical effect to it. And you know what? We think, no, we are sure: Goethe is right. How do we know that? Well, from experience, of course, because from November 2020 MySolutions will enchant you in a new environment. What tricks you can expect, what else has happened at MySolutions and what exciting innovations you can look forward to - you can find out all this in today's blog.

Everything (new) the same - are you ready for the big show?

You will find the MySolutions Group at a different address in the future, that much is already clear. Do you already have a tingling in your fingers and are you looking for a time slot in your diary to visit us in our new offices? Then please plan a little more time! Surely you also want to visit our new showroom and get to know us, sit down and have fun! Here we present many interesting exhibits such as tool presetting devices, shrinking devices, logistics cabinets and more - all live, in colour and to touch. Our new sales partner, the system supplier Kelch GmbH from Germany, will also be exhibiting its products in the MySolutions showroom. Wait a minute, new partner? We had announced that there would be many exciting innovations. One of them is certainly our move, and the showroom as well. But we are still far from 'magic'.

MySolutions & Kelch GmbH - exclusive partnership with all-inclusive services

As a regular visitor to the MySolutions website you will not have failed to notice that our product portfolio has expanded since April 2020. This development results from the establishment of an exclusive distribution partnership for the products of Kelch GmbH in Switzerland. Take a look at the new website at https://www.kelch.ch/ https://www.kelch.ch/ and make a preselection of the devices you want to experience live and in action in our showroom! This is what our CEO Paul Gossens says about the new partnership: "Swiss production focuses on precision parts for the watch and jewellery industry as well as medical technology. The associated machining techniques require high-precision and partly specific production. These and many other application areas and sectors benefit from valuable synergy effects between KELCH precision products from presetting devices to shrink fit machines and our software solutions for optimum tool cycles, anticipatory set-up and reliable data management".

Synergy effects on all levels - MySolutions and Kelch Service AG

As is well known, hardware needs care, maintenance and every now and then a repair. Customers of the Kelch GmbH received these services through the Kelch Service AG. This will not change much in the near future. However, within the scope of a transition phase until October 2021, MySolutions will gradually take over the responsibility to provide customers of Kelch Service AG with careful calibration and maintenance services for existing equipment. The synergies from the systems of KELCH and MySolutions thus enable complete solutions according to Industry 4.0 standards. Look forward to unique developments with comprehensively coordinated hardware and software components!

Office, stage, exhibition and online - MySolutions is present everywhere

A person has only a limited capacity to absorb. Here at MySolutions we know that you have other things to do than read our blogs and remember all the important innovations. So we come to you! KELCH and MySolutions will be presenting the entire spectrum of joint solutions from 2021 with trade fair appearances and road shows. Whether online or offline, we will also be holding numerous events in the showroom with our international partner companies. Experience Industry 4.0 soon with practical examples, according to the motto: MySolutions - IT simplifies industry!

Risk management in manufacturing - MySolutions shows effects of DIN/ISO 13485:2016

I'm cold, it's raining all the time, there are these wonderful snakes everywhere. They don't taste good and are terribly aggressive, even though they are very nice to look at. I don't know how much longer I can preserve. Yesterday I cut myself on a stick, but the first aid kit I got before I arrived on the mainland is absolutely useless. When I tried to stitch the wound, the needle broke off and the scissors to cut the thread were too blunt, so I had to help with my teeth. In the process I cut my tongue, fell off my chair in shock and knocked a tooth out at the corner of my homemade table. I never thought I would say this, but I long for the rules and standards of the civilized world. How could it have come to this? I want to go home! Wait a minute, what was that hissing sound back there...

In memory of Dino Eniso

After thirty years as a lathe operator, Dino Eniso have had enough of the increasingly strict rules, regulations and rules in his profession. Born in Thun in 1976, the free spirit took all his savings and emigrated in 2016, shortly after the revised DIN/ISO 13485 came into force, to an island in the South Pacific, where he wanted to find his happiness in a norm-free environment from then on. Possessions, clothing, luxury - none of these things were important to him, but it was important that he never again had to hear about quality management or DIN regulations. Unfortunately we don't know how Dino has fared since then, because he was never seen again. An expedition of zoologists, who visited his island at the end of 2019 to study a very rare and highly poisonous snake species native to the island, only found fragments of a diary. However, one place was particularly well preserved. It almost seemed as if Dino wanted this news to reach the world. We shared Dino's diary excerpt with you at the beginning because it's the least you can do for a person who has been in our industry for three decades. However, it is pure coincidence that Dino's message has a direct connection to today's blog topic.

Deadly little things or without rules it is also not so comfortable to live

After all, Dino Eniso had a very important, though perhaps somewhat belated, insight: rules, regulations and standards are important because, in case of doubt, they can save lives. If the good Dino had remembered to bring a first-aid kit from home before he set off on his adventure, he would certainly have been better off. After all, since the revision of DIN/ISO 13456:2016, Europe has one of the strictest quality management regulations for medical products.

In essence, the goal is to improve risk management

A particularly noteworthy change in ISO 13485:2016 is the addition of more explicit requirements for risk management. Companies must consider the risk associated with a product from its conception to its use. The criteria for evaluating and selecting suppliers should therefore now be based on the following factors:

  • the ability of the supplier to supply products that meet the requirements of the purchaser,
  • on the performance of the supplier and
  • on the impact of the purchased product on the quality of the final product.

The revised standard also stipulates that the evaluation criteria must be proportionate to the risk associated with the final product.

Implications for supplier selection

It can be a challenge to assess the risk that a supplier could potentially impact your manufacturing process. However, this is a critical consideration, as equipment manufacturers are responsible for the potential risks that suppliers bring to a manufacturing process. When evaluating potential suppliers, any supplier who is not familiar with the new standard should therefore be considered as a high risk as a precautionary measure! Some small suppliers may lack the resources to obtain certification. Nevertheless, even they cannot afford to simply ignore the revision of ISO 13485 from 2016. If a small company does not need to do the 13485 certification, it should at least be able to demonstrate on request that it has done its homework in terms of risk analysis and risk management. In addition, DIN EN ISO 13485 has not been aligned with the High Level Structure (HLS) as known from the revised ISO 9001:2015. Manufacturers of medical devices certified for both ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2015 must be aware of the structural differences!

Meeting the new expectations of ISO 13485:2016 for supplier management

Companies throughout the medical device supply chain are now required to review their current practices and close any gaps in their compliance with DIN/ISO 13485:2016. To help manufacturing companies comply with the regulations, MySolutions Group has integrated a powerful supplier management module into its product portfolio. The MySolutions software is available on both desktop and mobile devices and includes automated workflows for supplier management, evaluation and control. Detailed supplier histories are automatically managed by the system and employees can easily find and view the relevant information for each supplier.

Are you sufficiently prepared?

Working with suppliers who understand their role in an ISO 13485 compliant quality management system reduces your risk and saves you time and money. Suppliers that meet your quality and documentation requirements reduce the need for costly additional testing and inspection. Contact the MySolutions Group to learn more about how your quality management system can be made even better with the right manufacturing software!

Information about COVID-19 aka Coronavirus

Dear Sirs and Madames,

Like everyone else, we too have been observing the developments of the corona virus and have intensively dealt with the new challenge. It remains clear that this extraordinary situation is new for everyone and that we are stronger together than each of us individually.

We are very grateful that there is no case of COVID-19 in our staff and we are still able to serve you with the usual support. We have taken early precautions to protect the health of our employees as follows:

  • Business trips have been postponed until further notice or meetings/presentations/trainings etc. are currently only taking place "online" e.g. as video conference or webinar etc. Our proven ticket system is of course still available to you 24/7.
  • Our top priority is to continue to offer you the well-known service for our high-quality products and at the same time to guarantee the health and safety of our staff at all times. To this end, we will be intensifying our efforts. We are confident that we will master this unusual challenge well.
  • Thanks to our in-house IT solutions, we have no delivery bottlenecks and can therefore assist you and your company at any time, in structuring and digitalising your systems. Contact us and we will work out a solution for you together.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We wish you all the best and hope that you, your families and your employees will come through this difficult time well.

At the end a quote from the film "The Social Network" which in our opinion fits the current situation very well:


"Once we lived in the country, then in cities and from now on the web."

Quote from the movie "The Social Network" from the year 2010

Your MySolutions AG - Team!

Modular tool solutions - Avoiding the wrong way with the right components

Please raise your arms if you are among the lucky ones who know what modular tool solutions are! Congratulations, you can now return to a normal position. If you belong to the other group, you should put your hands in the air now and don’t take them down again until you have finished this article, because you have missed something! Do you think that the concept of modular tool solutions is not yet fully developed? Or that it is not suitable for your business? Well, today we will show you why it’s time to rethink. After all, modular tooling solutions are one of the most effective tools that many manufacturing companies use in their efforts to compete. As current trends and developments are bringing the benefits of these systems all the more to the fore, it is time to take a closer look at them before you are introduced to one of the latest additions to the MySolutions Group's offering: a unified interface for modular tool solutions.

Modular tool solutions or Lego in productio

When it comes to tooling, highly customized solutions can meet the exact specifications of a manufacturing operation, but can also be a significant investment. The other extreme is standard tooling, which is offered at a lower price, at the expense of certain capabilities or overall flexibility. In this context, modular tooling solutions can represent a compromise by offering a middle ground between expensive, highly specific solutions and cost-effective standard models. Modular tool solutions allow the assembly of an optimal application tool from standard modules. A clearly arranged stock allows a multitude of combinations and allows the use in the entire production. However, different requirements of different machines require a uniform interface between the individual components. And this is exactly where the new MySolutions product fulfils its purpose. More on this at the end of the article, let us first clear up a widespread misunderstanding.

The difference between modular and quick change

Although all quick-change systems are modular, not all modular tooling systems are necessarily quick to change. Modularity and quick-change capability also offer various advantages. For example, in some environments modularity is more important than quick change. Tools that can be easily changed to different configurations reduce the tool inventory and speed up tool preparation. A wide range of tools can be assembled from a limited number of interchangeable components.

Quick change is usually a criterion for lathe tools. Firstly, the number of positions on a tool carrier is limited. On the other hand, due to the precision and repeatability of the coupling between the cutting unit and the clamping unit, the position of the cutting edge is known at all times, thus reducing set-up times between batches as well as test cuts.

Are modular tool solutions the right thing for you?

Change is good. It gets things moving, encourages creativity and ingenuity. A transition to modular, quick-change tools could well be the catalyst that leads to a company-wide upturn. That's what the MySolutions Group thought and that's why they developed a solution to balance different requirements from different machines by means of a uniform interface between the individual components. So there was probably never a better time than now to switch to modular tool solutions.

Transform an operational bottleneck into a productivity-enhancing innovation

Implementing a new approach to tooling trains all the skills and abilities that make a manufacturing operation strong and agile. The lessons learned in efficiency, teamwork, coordination and discipline could perhaps even be the basis for other, more challenging initiatives. MySolutions will be happy to assist you every step of the way in implementing your plans and looks forward to hearing from you.

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