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Sensor intelligence - A right step towards Industry 4.0

Sensors are small, little things that unconsciously perform big tasks for us. We use these sensors every day, such as the fingerprint or camera sensor of the smartphone. Completely unconsciously and super fast, the device is unlocked and ready for use. Sensors are detectors, transducers or sensors, a technical component that can record certain physical or chemical properties. THANK YOU DEAR SENSOR, let's see what else you have in store for the world!

What sensors are there actually?

  • Car sensors
  • Digital device sensors
  • Torque sensors
  • Speed sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Vibration sensors
  • Displacement sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Fluid sensors
  • Force sensors
  • Traffic sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Water level sensors
  • temperature sensors
  • And many more...

Type of sensors:        

  • Inductive sensors
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Magnetic field sensors
  • Capacitive sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Magnetostrictive sensors

How do sensors work?

A sensor converts the physical quantity to be measured into an electrical signal and processes it in this way. The electrical signal is then transmitted for further processing. In this way, the sensor can display the energy to be measured or unlock the smartphone if the correct fingerprint has been measured. Sounds super simple, doesn't it? Okay, let's build sensors! Fun ? but what is MySolutions up to with these sensors?

IFTTT - "If This Then That"

Do you know "If This Then That"? You don't? You should! With this service, you can make your life easier and save energy and costs. The killer feature: as soon as your smartphone display lights up, the sensor prepares for the fingerprint. Within a few milliseconds. Nothing is worse than repetitive, one-sided tasks and this is where the IFTTT login comes in. The sensors are programmed according to this logic, For example, the following commands can be generated, and there are likewise no limits:

  • If the temperature falls below 0° C then the heating should be turned on.
  • If the correct fingerprint is displayed, the smartphone should be unlocked.
  • If the liquid falls below the fill level, then refill it.
  • When the sun is shining, the blinds should be lowered.
  • If the number of working hours exceeds 1000, maintenance should be carried out.

Monitoring - Predictive maintenance

With the Monitoring module, you can monitor all your machines, consumables and products. Thanks to the software solution, you can determine your optimal consumption behaviour in order to achieve an efficient and fast cost reduction. Check all sensors to be able to maintain your machine as efficiently as possible and with low costs. From the operating temperature to the refilling, moisture measurement, etc., you have the panoramic view of your machine. Thanks to monitoring, you have a panoramic view instead of a tunnel view!

So many ways to win!

We offer you several ways to success, ask us and we will customise your solution to get you to your goal as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible!

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--> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Robotics in manufacturing - what is possible today?

Robots today are not just cleaning helpers, but intelligent, lightweight, highly complex, somehow also naked, moving "masterpieces". In robotics in particular, it's the arms, with biceps and triceps harder than those of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Chuck Norris & Co. They are probably just as flexible and would easily score in yoga. Sincere thanks - technology that always makes our everyday life easier!

Robotics and its fields of application

Robotics is now used in so many industries or sectors because they are becoming more flexible, faster and more efficient. From the automotive, electronics, metal and plastics industries to the food industry, various robotic elements are being used with great success. As you know, there are also robots on Mars at the moment that are carrying out important research for mankind. They are a harbinger of the times, mastering revolutionary innovative ideas and projects without risking human life. In the future, other industries will be expanded in which this efficient technology will also be used. Last but not least, it remains exciting.

Advantages of robotics

  • Increase productivity and improve efficiency in operations such as wear parts, gears, grippers, etc.
  • Efficient automation solutions for a better future
  • Personalisation of processes (lower costs more individuality)
  • Growth-oriented robotics solutions for dynamic manufacturers
  • Flexible automation solutions for a competitive global industry
  • Heavy-duty robotics solutions for hazardous work environments
  • Great potential for further development
  • Open up new markets with this process
  • Artificial intelligence (IoT etc.)
  • Process control
  • Simulation software (see blog post)
  • And so many more...


Service of MySolutions Corp.

We offer you individual software solutions matching the respective hardware. SprutCAM PDM is a high-end CAM system with a unique price/performance ratio. All-In-One packages are available for milling incl. 5-axis-simultaneous/turning/milling/wire EDM/laser/plasma & waterjet cutting and robotics. The complete package SprutCAM PDM Robot offers all possibilities to program and simulate robots from different manufacturers in numerous application areas.

  • Avoid robot downtime
    Improved productivity through offline programming leads to reduced downtime and lower programming costs
  • Save time
    It is much faster than teach-in programming as no time-consuming learning units are required
  • Additional axes are easy to implement
    Easy programming from simple to complex robot cells with rotary tables, robots on rails
  • Let the computer do the monotonous work
    Automatic optimization and checking for collision-free movement
  • Realistic and native
    Realistic machining simulation and verification and generation of the robot's native code language

Get informed now

If you are not quite sure yet, we will be happy to advise you. Use the time now to start into a modern future! Ask for your individual solution today - because this is what "MySolutions" stands for.

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Additive manufacturing - "corona push" for the future?

Supply shortages of previously very easily accessible items, and now what? Wait until all customers find a permanent alternative? In other words, you lose customers, turnover and motivation for your wonderful work. NO - It doesn't have to be like that. How about a possible solution that could also support your company in the long term?

The importance of additive manufacturing

Additive or 3D printing is a manufacturing process in which the material (metal, plastic, etc.) is applied layer by layer.  This creates three-dimensional objects. Today, the process is used in industry, model making, medicine, research, home and entertainment, construction, art and many other sectors.

Additive manufacturing does not necessarily have to be a competitor to traditional processes in manufacturing companies. It can very well complement and enhance classical production methods. The best example of combining 3D printing and classic machining work is making copies of your master objects. 3D printing enables a high level of detail and speeds up the pre-production process. The printed replicas form the perfect, customized shape, which can then be further processed by classic milling, turning or grinding processes in manufacturing companies.

Your advantages

  • 3D printers can produce unique or small series of special components
    • Wear parts, gear wheels, grippers etc.
  • Create a product in a few hours without using a cutting tool
    • Create or build designs with standard CAD systems
    • The designer has a high degree of flexibility in the design
  • Fast improvement possibilities of series or products
  • Storage, shipping and set-up costs are completely eliminated
  • Easy or very stable product creation thanks to additive process
  • Great potential for further development
    • Open up new markets with this process
    • Personalization of processes (lower costs, more individuality)
    • Artificial intelligence (IoT etc.)
    • Process control
    • Simulation software (see blog post on this.see blog post on this.)
  • Sustainability, less globalization or CO2
  • Large selection of materials for processing

What does MySolutions offer in the area of 3D printing?

Well, in order not to stop the flow (believe us, it only creates chaos and cold sweat) we offer you the matching software to the hardware. We can offer you everything from a CAM solution with additive manufacturing to a virtual machine. Simulation methods that help you to make your products even more precise or stable, lighter and more efficient. Individual processes and software solutions that can make everyday life easier for you and your company.

What are you waiting for? - Your customers will not wait for you. Start now for a successful future! Ask for your individual solution today - because that's what "MySolutions" stands for.

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Inspect and monitor Machine tools - simultaneously.

Measure digitally, monitor digitally and not so long ago you didn't even have a fridge. I see. A simple refrigerating cabinet. Let's pay homage to the new generation of innovations - you are incredible!

With Safecontrol 4.0, operators have an optimal combination of precisely measuring force bar and convenient operation. A customized app communicates reliably with the basic device. Unique identification via a QR code ensures maximum process reliability.  The KELCH loadcell covers a measuring range of 2-100 kN and has a measuring deviation of only 0.5% of the full-scale value. This corresponds to a measurement accuracy of 0.5 kN: properties that make Safecontrol 4.0 an internationally unique system.

Ergonomic and time-saving application

In addition, Safecontrol 4.0 stands for a plus in ergonomics: Since the machine spindles can be arranged in different positions, the force gauge must sometimes be clamped upside down. In these cases, the 3D position orientation of the device takes effect so that users can still read the value ergonomically and without annoying twisting of the head. Any taper adapter can be connected to the basic unit via a thread, thus ensuring a wide range of applications. The internal memory documents and archives the measurements so that they can be conveniently read out on a PC. This saves valuable working time- the conventional error-prone writing down of the measured values is no longer necessary.

Monitoring is the new controlling

Condition monitoring is aimed at the quality of a machining process. An important topic here is, among other things, tool monitoring during machining. This strategy optimises the usual preventive maintenance. What has been checked at fixed intervals on the machines and components can be further optimized.

With regular condition monitoring, e. g. of the machine spindle, the quality of the machining tools is also increased. Through a simple measurement with Safecontrol 4.0, quality assurance and constant reliability are guaranteed and massively increased.

You don't have to bury your head in the sand (refrigerator) #efficiencypur.

To explain exactly this quality of measurement, transmission and monitoring we show you the following increases in your company:

  • Quality assurance - Calibration and repair service via Safecontrol 4.0 - is an important component for quality assurance as well as process and work safety in production!
  • Reliability - After the clamping process in the machine spindle you immediately get a fast, trouble-free and reliable measurement.
  • Satisfaction - With a process-reliable device and the appropriate software, you make your everyday work easier. This will automatically have a positive effect on your customers.

Software coupled with the right hardware - Let's do it!

Just try it out for yourself? - Yes, it is possible! Transfer measured values directly and monitor them immediately - you can experience this and more live in our showroom in Reiden LU.

Ask for your individual solution today - because that's what «MySolutions» stands for.

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