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One software for different tastes - The sector diversity of MySolutions AG

Pharma, beauty, aerospace and more - The many application areas of MySolutions solutions

Albert Einstein once said: If you were to measure a fish's intelligence by its ability to climb a Ladder, it would be a very inappropriate test. Similarly Software developers often complain that the requirements of customers for specifying and programming their desired products are completely irrational. So, for some inexplicable reason, customers regularly expect their purchases to be capable of various activities. A program should cover the areas of ERP, MES and accounting and at the same time control the coffee machine. In most cases, of course, this is completely unrealistic. We say in most cases, because there are always exceptions to the rule. Today we would like to present one of these exceptions to you.

Making the impossible a little more possible

Maybe you didn't know it, but MySolutions is active in more areas than just metal processing and has been helping companies in various industries to success for many years. But before we tell you more about it, let us imagine for a moment that people who want to have houses built would behave towards their architects in a similar way as software vendors often experience with their customers. An inquiry would then look something like this.

If architects had to work like software programmers

Please design and build me a house. I'm not quite sure what I need, so you should show enough flexibility in your designs. My house should have between two and forty-five bedrooms. Just make sure that the plans are such that bedrooms can be easily added or removed. When you bring me the blueprints, I may make the final decision on what I want. Also bring me the cost breakdown for absolutely every possible configuration so that I can make an informed decision. Please do not bother me with small details right now. For example, it is not appropriate at this stage to choose the colour of the carpet. Remember, however, that my wife likes green. Also, do not worry about raising funds for the construction of this house at this time. Your first priority is to draw up detailed plans and specifications. However, once I have accepted these plans, I expect the house to be ready for occupancy within 48 hours.

With kind regards

Dipl. Ing. Herbert Frankus

P.S. My wife and children have just told me that they do not agree with many of the instructions I have given you in this letter. As an architect, it is your responsibility to resolve these issues. I have tried in the past and have not been able to do so. If you do not succeed, I will have to find a new architect.

P.P.S. Maybe I don't need a house, but a caravan. Please inform me as soon as possible if this should be the case.

It takes 72 balloons to lift a Chihuahua off the ground

There is much in this universe that we do not know. We don't know how the Big Bang happened, why there is gravity or why the breakfast toast always lands on the floor with the jam side down. But we do know, for example, that it takes 72 birthday balloons to make a three-kilogram Chihuahua fly - you better not ask how we know that! We also know that the ancient Romans used geese as guard animals. And soon you will also know that MySolutions Group is a true multiplayer in the industrial software market. In other words: If we were the architect that the client turned to in the introductory story, we could most likely meet their needs. To prove this to you, here are some of the industries in which MySolutions software is already successfully used. If you don't find your industry among these examples, it is likely that MySolutions software will still suit you well. Just give us a call to find out!

MySolutions simplifies your processes - Do more work with less effort

Check out the top players in any arbitrary industry and you will be surprised how many of them already use MySolutions products. With our software, be it a system like ERP, MES, CAD, CAM, WMS, CMMS, SCADA, PLC or one of our many other products, we help companies to grow and become more successful. Here is a brief overview of the competences of the MySolutions Group. So far, MySolutions solutions are used in the fields of mechanical engineering, watch industry, medical technology, aeronautical engineering, tool making, automotive industry, space technology, wood industry, pharmaceuticals and beauty. That is not yet meaningful enough for you? How about the materials that are part of the daily business of our diverse clientele, e.g. in the field of CAM? In addition to metal and wood, there is also styrofoam, plastic, stone, granite, marble, aluminium, bronze, copper and sand casting! At MySolutions we also have the necessary expertise for special applications as well as solutions in the areas of stage construction, trade fair construction, jewellery industry, gravestones, sculptures, ice sculptures and 3D concrete printing.

But now enough of the enumerations, because what we actually want to say We understand the challenges you face - in production, logistics, purchasing, sales meetings and in the executive office. We are the architects, engineers and foremen of your software infrastructure. If you want to find out if MySolutions solutions can help you too, we look forward to hearing from you.

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