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Read here why software gives manufacturing companies a competitive advantage and how MySolutions can help you to expand it.

Manufacturing meets IT - About the value of software in production environments

"There are three paths to ruin: love, gambling, and manufacturing software. The most pleasant is love, the fastest is gambling, but the most reliable is software." This quote from former French Prime Minister George Pompidou - slightly modified for our purposes - describes vividly the attitude with which many employees in manufacturing still deal with IT and software today. This ignores the fact that manufacturing environments are increasingly becoming the hives of high-tech activities, while everything revolves almost exclusively around software. Your business may contain the same machines today as it did five or ten years ago. But most of them have not been used for software in the past. But now all equipment, no matter how old it is, is connected to the industrial Internet of Things via a variety of sensors and gateways.

It's not just about robots anymore

Even robotics and automation systems, which have always offered relatively high computer performance, are on the verge of being integrated into huge, all-encompassing infrastructures never before seen. Such deep and far-reaching digitisation is inevitable, simply because the technology is available. And the effective use of the technology - especially the software - usually leads to improved productivity, a higher value of the products and consequently to a high ROI. Studies show that it is already essential for manufacturing companies to use so-called software-centric solutions in order to remain competitive.

What excatly is manufacturing software?

State-of-the-art manufacturing software interprets and analyzes real-time data from machines running in production, providing valuable insight into daily operations. The best manufacturing software focuses on how modules can be orchestrated in an integrated system to continuously improve efficiency, quality and profit. Believe it or not, software is becoming an increasingly important success factor for your manufacturing operations. And now please ask yourself: Do you just want to stay competitive or do you want to differentiate yourself from the competition? If the latter is the case, MySolutions Group products are the ideal tools to achieve your goal. Of course you can just believe us or read on and be convinced by hard facts.

Advantages of manufacturing software for your company using the example of an MES

With the MES solutions of the MySolutions Group, for example, you can ensure that every employee in your company has up-to-date training and certification. You also improve the management of manufacturing teams by assigning each team member to a process in which they are particularly well versed. And that's not all:

  • Create and use work instructions that are tested and approved throughout manufacturing to avoid costly production errors and solve problems if they do occur.
  • Increase production capacity with existing machines and personnel as part of capacity planning.
  • Increase the efficiency of production processes.
  • Measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to improve the performance of individual machines.

Not only do you profit from the value of high-quality software for manufacturing companies, but also your customers, suppliers and even the tax authorities.

Impact of manufacturing software on audits, compliance and customer relationship management

The keywords customer benefit and customer advantage are closely linked to the topic of production software. With the right software, you audit every step of the production process and make that data available to customers and regulators by running a report rather than manually tabulating and formatting it. You can also increase the level of compliance through automated reporting. In customer relationship management, manufacturing software enables you to better meet customer needs by offering complete, accurate quotes and delivery dates faster than the competition. You can also increase customer satisfaction by meeting delivery dates and reducing order errors.

MySolutions does not meet any quality standards but exceeds them

At MySolutions Group, we understand manufacturing processes and know exactly which software solutions work best to ensure smooth and efficient operations. Our comprehensive range of software services, including development, migration, implementation and consulting, gives us the insight and expertise to develop the best manufacturing software solution for every business. Finally, allow us to ask you a question in this context.

What do you think about your internal IT department?

"Arrogant little snobs, say they have a lot to do and yet you always meet them in the coffee kitchen"... These are just some of the typical clichés that IT'ler encounter. But there is also another way, the MySolutions-Way. We are different because we communicate with our customers at eye level and don't sell them for being stupid. We offer strong solutions and are a provider who takes care of all your software needs. If you're interested in getting the most out of your business, call us today to learn more about how we can help your business become even more successful with manufacturing software.

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