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Schwarz, weiss, viereckig und zusammengesetzt aus kleinen Quadraten, Ja genau, wir sprechen vom QR Code. Und kürzlich wurde genau dieser für Rechnungen eingeführt, einfach schnell und effizient.

QR code invoices - scan and send!

Black, white, square and composed of small squares, yes exactly, we are talking about the QR code. And recently it was introduced for invoices, simply fast and efficient. Did you know that the QR code on the Nutella (guilty ?) jar leads to a joke page where the joke is changed every day? So Nutella guarantees a good start to the day in a double way!

QR - WHAT? Numbers, data & facts

  • QR = Quick Response, matching the invoice.
  • Developed in Japan in 1994 for marking components in automobile production.
  • Up to 7,089 digits or 4,296 characters can be stored in a QR code.
  • Nowadays, a QR Code can be scanned with any current mobile phone camera.
  • A QR Code that can be scanned should be at least 2x2cm in size.
  • A QR code can be created online or via various apps.

OfficeManager und der QR - Code!

Of course, we would also like to offer our customers the possibility of paying bills thanks to "quick response". As with the payment slip, the QR invoice is divided into two parts. A receipt (1) and a payment section (2). The Swiss QR Code (3) contains all the relevant information required for both invoicing and payment.

... and yes, you only have advantages!

  • Simplified payment reconciliation, less manual effort
  • Electronic transmission of all payment information
  • Print on white paper
  • All payment information digitally integrated in the QR code
  • Fewer errors during scanning
  • Saves time and money because of less manual effort

Payment for the invoice recipient

Via e-banking: open the e-banking app, scan the Swiss QR Code with the QR reader or the integrated camera and trigger the payment with one click.

Via mobile banking: open the mobile banking app on your smartphone, scan the Swiss QR Code with the QR reader function and trigger the payment with a tap of your finger.

By post: The QR bill also works like a payment slip (payment part and receipt), which can be paid in at the post office counter or sent to the bank by payment order in an envelope.

Or with business software

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