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SCADA - What it's all about technically!

SCADA - What it's all about technically!

ERP, PPS, MES, EAI, PLC, PPS, SCADA and much more - But how exactly do these technical abbreviations make sense? In principle, these are almost as cool as being fluent in Klingon, Sith, Shyriiwook or other galactic languages, aren't they?

What does SCADA mean?

SCADA stands for: "Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition" this describes the basics of a system for monitoring and controlling technical processes. Nowadays, it is standard in the area of Industry 4.0 to use solutions in the area of SCADA. In this way, machines and facilities can even be monitored and controlled across locations and their information can be centrally recorded in the company. 

  • Control of processes "locally" or from the "distance".
  • Interaction with devices across all MyXPert products
  • Monitor, control and capture data
  • Record and respond to events as they occur

Why and how do MySolutions solutions integrate SCADA?

Well, this is actually quite simply explained, because you get great advantages:

  • You still have older machines/plants in use and are very satisfied with their performance, but still want to upgrade them with modern features? - NO PROBLEM!
    • We make every machine/plant SMART - So you can monitor, control and visualize its status afterwards.
  • How does it work?
    • We build intelligent Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices (such as sensors, actuators, etc.) into your machines/plants.
    • In a modern dashboard, you can visualize the desired information and statis at any time
    • In the event of a problem, you can intervene manually or, if desired, fully automatically in order to solve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Example of a SCADA solution

A process cycle could look like this:

We will be happy to advise you on your individual solution and create the optimum process circuits for your machines and systems.

What are you waiting for? - Take the first steps towards smart manufacturing. Because then you will have more valuable time, energy and resources. And maybe you even want to learn Klingolian, Sith or Wookie with this gained time.

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