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Success-Story: Schnider & Hammer AG

Success-Story: Schnider & Hammer AG

Who is Schnider & Hammer AG?

The work and collections of Wolfgang Schnider and Matthias Hammer push the boundaries of traditional Goldsmith. Since 1993, the two passionate goldsmiths have been tinkering and experimenting with different shapes, unusual metals and extraordinary stones.
Schnider & Hammer opened their store and studio at Barfüssergasse 9 in the heart of Solothurn's old town. Since then, the Weissenstein collection, the lettering ring and expressive unique pieces have been created here. Schnider & Hammer stand for lasting elegance and exceptional design. The two goldsmiths are highly concerned with visions in the creative work process and resourceful further developments.

What were the requirements for the new software solution? Why was an addition targeted

Mr. Wolfgang Schnider had spent two years developing his machine for his company. He was looking for a flexible solution that could be used for CNC machining. All that was missing was a CAM solution that could act flexibly to the machine. As well as a partner who could offer individual, simple, fast and efficient customer service. After a long search, Schnider & Hammer AG finally found what they were looking for with our Sprutcam PDM software.

Why did you choose the MySolutions AG solution?

Wolfgang Schnider: «There was a situation before the purchase contract was signed. I needed support and had several questions. Maxim from MySolutions Support listened to all of our questions and could answer each of them, my uncertainties were blown away afterwards. That was reason enough for me because I had not experienced such helpful customer service before. Until now, the support is still very satisfying, straightforward, courteous, simple, fast and efficient. All my questions are resolved, and my problems are solved as quickly as possible.»

How did it work out with the roll-out of the software?

Wolfgang Schnider: «Maxim from MySolutions programmed the postprocessor for me, which worked right away. Thus, the introduction was flawless. The system is quick and easy to use without any problems. After an introduction, the software is pretty self-explanatory. SprutCAM PDM is really very user-friendly!»

Are you satisfied with the customer service?

Wolfgang Schnider: «Definitely! Very much so, Maxim is doing an impressive job!»

Does the new system prove itself in daily work?

Wolfgang Schnider: «Yes, very much. It makes my work easier every day. We can thus process customer orders even more efficiently and quickly.»

Does the cost/benefit situation meet your expectations?

Wolfgang Schnider: «The price/performance ratio is very fair. In addition, I think the pricing strategy is very cleverly structured. »

Are there any other solutions planned for the future?

Wolfgang Schnider: «Our future projects consist of various smaller stages. Maybe one day it would be nice to have a robot arm to be able to design even more extravagant jewelry.»

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