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Milling, turning and robotics

Everything your heart desires, now united in one software. Get an insight into the SprutCAM PDM software: simple, structured and fast.

«The manufacturing solution that covers all needs - One software and many machining strategies!»

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Rest and raw material detection

As soon as you have created a first test run in SprutCAM PDM, you can color the existing rest material. This can be used to determine how exactly the work was done and whether post-processing is required.

Machine models and postprocessors

Thanks to our SprutCAM PDM software you will receive more than 100 machine models and about 700 postprocessors for basic installation. These can be adapted independently or ordered from MySolutions AG.


SprutCAM Robot offers an extensive work program for 3-5 axis milling, additive manufacturing, double spindle milling, cutting, welding and more. Simple programming without a lengthy process.


With the database solution for SprutCAM PDM from MySolutions Group your data is stored centrally in your company. Now you can work on your data from anywhere and use every piece of information.

Modular expandable

Thanks to the flexible modular system of MySolutions, you can purchase an All-In-One package which already includes MyXPert® ProductionManager, ToolManager and the SprutCAM PDM software.

price/performance ratio

With the SprutCAM PDM solution we offer you an unbeatable price/performance ratio. You do not believe us? - Challenge us and let our CAM experts convince you.

How does SprutCAM PDM work ?

Expert level CAM software with unique
workflow and user-friendly interface

Tool library

All the tools you use can be stored in the tool library, including cutting data, and can be reused at any time. Approximately 700 standard postprocessors and a postprocessor generator are available for creating the NC output.

Clamping elements

Clamping elements can be imported as 3D models or designed in CAM. During machining, they automatically represent a protective area that is never violated. In addition to the use of clamping elements, the working area can also be limited manually with restricted areas.

CAD connection

SprutCAM PDM is an open and independent CAM system. It contains numerous interfaces to well-known CAD systems. CAD data can be transferred from an existing CAD system as a direct import or through standard exchange formats (IGES, STEP, etc.). Simple geometries can be created and parameterized directly with the integrated Geo-Sketcher.


Thanks to the tidy, simple and fast user interface of the SprutCAM PDM you can create a simple and automated template for future actions with just a few clicks.

Processing strategies

All user-adapted parameters can be saved as user-defined operations. This allows reduced programming times, thanks to a database of the operations used so far.

Zero points

The coordinate system can be dynamically moved, rotated and set to a specific position. It is also possible to copy, mirror or scale the workpiece. In addition to the existing coordinate system, any number of zero points can be set.


To output the G-Code from the CAM system you need a postprocessor.

Since SprutCAM PDM already calculates the tool paths taking into account the kinematics of the machine and the position of the part, the postprocessor in SprutCAM PDM is relatively simple. The development of a postprocessor for SprutCAM PDM is cheaper than developing postprocessors for other CAM systems. In SprutCAM PDM a user works on the creation of a tool path in the machine schematic, not in an abstract field as in many other CAM systems.

The generated toolpaths are real, adapted to the conditions of the machine and take into account the position of the part on the table, the design of the machine schematic is an optional part of the SprutCAM PDM implementation.

Reliable machining simulations

SprutCAM PDM allows the user to simulate the machining process on any machine. During the simulation, the user visually controls the machining of the part, taking into account the movements of the guiding and auxiliary parts of the machine.


In addition, SprutCAM PDM automatically marks the program frames in which it detects collisions or unacceptable cutting conditions. In this way the user can optimise the machining technology according to the criteria of machining time, tool life and equipment safety.

Verification of the G code

If you have SprutCAM PDM, you do not need a separate software for G-Code verification. The G-Code verification function supports Fanuc, Heidenhein, Siemens CNC systems with all built-in machining cycles etc.

Verification of the G code

The verification of the G-code shows:

  • possible errors in the postprocessor
  • at what time the processing commands are switched on and off
  • which movement causes an interruption or collision
  • which reference points are used for retracting the tool, etc


CAM Software-Matrix / Technology2D Schneiden / cutting2.5D Fräsen / milling3D Fräsen / milling2-Achsen Drehen/ 2-axis turningMehrachsen Drehen / Multi-axes TurningLangdrehen / Swiss type machiningRobotik / Robotics
MyXPert Menü / MyXPert Menu
CNC Editor / CNC editor
2D/3D CAD Datenimport (DXF, IGS, STP) / 2D/3D CAD data import (DXF, IGS, STP)
Maschinenraumsimulation / Engine room simulation
Postprozessing / Post-processing
Drahtschneiden 2+4 Achsen / Wire cutting 2+4 axes------
2.5 Achsen Fräsen, 3. Achse, Indexiert / 2.5 Axes Milling, 3rd axis, Indexed---
3 Achsen Fräsen Simultan / 3 Axes Milling Simultaneous-----
3+2 Achsen Fräsen, Zusatzaggregat / 3+2 axes milling, additional aggregate------
5 Achsen Fräsen Simultan / 5 Axes Milling Simultaneous------
High-Speed Fräsen, HSC / High-speed milling, HSCoptionaloptionaloptional----
Mehrfachspannung, Spannturm / multiple clamping, clamping toweroptionaloptionaloptional----
Tauchfräsen / Plunge Millingoptionaloptionaloptional----
Drehen 2 Achsen / Turning 2 axes----
Drehen inkl. Fräsen / turning incl. milling----
Drehen Mehrachsen inkl. Syncronisation / Turning Multi-axes incl. synchronisation-----
Langdrehen / Swiss type machining------
Robotik Fräsen / Robotics Milling------
Robotik Schweissen / Robotics Welding------
Robotik 3D Druck /
Robotics 3D Printing
Robotik Schneiden (Laser, Wasser, Sägen) /
Robotic cutting (laser, water, sawing)
Robotik Wärmebehandlung /
Robotic heat treatment
Additive Fertigung /
Additives Manufacturing

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