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Monitoring: as an intelligent maintenance

Monitoring: as an intelligent maintenance.

Maintenance work is often carried out in isolation. From the creation of a complete life cycle for all plants to the implementation of maintenance measures and integration into existing production processes, we show you how monitoring can be intelligently integrated. As a modular maintenance planner, monitoring is a kind of alarm clock that reminds you in good time of maintenance intervals.

You need reliability. Monitoring helps you.

  • Monitoring and scheduling of all appointments for recurring procedures such as maintenance, preventive maintenance, and legally required tests and inspections
  • Recording and forwarding of malfunctions as well as formation and processing of the resulting repair orders
  • Assignment of all important object, spare parts and process documents such as data sheets, operating instructions, drawings, maintenance/testing instructions and assembly instructions as well as the logs of maintenance and tests performed
  • etc.

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Feb 02 2022


10:00 - 11:30


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