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Presetting device

presetting device from Kelch GmbH! - available from MySolutions AG!
Tool measurement
With our SmartSet we offer you an effective tool measurement. Within a few seconds, your machining tool is ready for production based on specifications from our database.
Tool identification

Industrial Terminal

The Industry Terminal! - available at MySolutions AG!
Industrial Terminal
With the integrated light bars and the up-to-date hardware performance, this industrial touch PC is suitable for a very wide range of applications.
Tool identification
Work simply, quickly and precisely with our hardware.

1D/2D Scanner

The 2D.ID solution! - available at MySolutions AG!
The 2D ID code contains both horizontal and vertical information. It is unique and can be read directly with standard optical readers such as stand-alone and handheld scanners, smartphones/tablets etc.
Exchange of information
App Solution

Machine data capture

The machine connection solution! - available at MySolutions AG!
Machine information
With a machine data acquisition (MDC) they get the production overview at any time directly on their workstation.
Real-time recording
Data capture

Shrink devices

Shrinking device of the Kelch GmbH! - available at MySolutions AG!
Modular structure
Individual expansion and configuration options from the basic shrink unit to the premium shrink unit.
Easy, durable & safe shrinking
Easy and intuitive operation
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Taper cleaner - RoWi 2

Taper cleaner from Kelch GmbH! - available at MySolutions AG!
Design and ergonomics
Solid housing with integrated timer to avoid continuous operation of the device and ergonomic design for safe, easy and efficient working.
Clean tool holder

Balancing machine

Balancing machine from Kelch GmbH! - available at MySolutions AG!
Kelch TB 100
Increase the quality of your products with the vertical balancing machine for balancing tools and rotary workpieces, for single and serial parts.
Tool lifetime
Balancing application

SafeControl 4.0

SafeControl 4.0 from Kelch GmbH! - available at MySolutions AG!
Digital Measuring
A digital approach is much more convenient. Here the measurement result is shown directly on a display and can be read in plain text. This simplifies a measurement considerably. Another disadvantage is that a battery is required for the power supply, whose capacity is limited, as with all power storage devices.
Tablet Solution
Quality Assurance
Paul Gossens - Chief Executive Officer

Paul Gossens - Chief Executive Officer

« Human-machine communication is considered intelligent production. With my many years of experience, I would also be pleased to show you a step-by-step implementation solution with your production.  »
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