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Presetter - Industrial Line

Smart, fast and efficient measuring with V3xx!

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

Presetter - Industrial Line

Smart, fast and efficient measuring with H3!

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

Presetting - Industrial Line

Voreinstellgerät der Kelch GmbH - Industrial line horizontal und vertikal werkzeuge vermessen!
Tool measurement - vertical
Thanks to its compact design, the verticall tool setting device is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized workshops. You have a manageable need for tool measurement and require a stable and precise measuring system. Fast, easy and efficient tool measurement with comprehensive tool setting software.
Tool measurement - horizontal
Tool identification
Simple, fast and precise measurement with Presetting - Industrial Line V3xx!
Tool cycle run of the tool identification - process

tool cycle

  1. Tool assembly according to template MyXPert database
  2. The 2D.ID code is scanned to the presetter
  3. Target data appears automatically on the kelch presetting device
  4. Saving the measured values in the database
  5. Transaction data is stored in the history (tracking)
  6. Writing the technology data directly into the controller
  7. After the service life has expired, the process starts again
Simple, fast and precise measurement with Presetting - Industrial Line H3

No adapter management

Thanks to the MyXPert database management all adpater values are stored in the system.

No conversion

Thanks to the Smart Software, all modern controls can be directly controlled by binary codes.

Avoid input errors

With the Smart Software from MySolutions AG, all data are directly transferred digitally to connected systems.


Globally applicable DIN/ISO structure is applied

save time

High time saving in set-up and process times already from the first application

2D code

Input errors are avoided by scanning and direct database connection


The software/hardware
can be customized for you
be adapted
Kelch Voreinstellgerät - Jetzt alle Vorteile des Gerätes kennenlernen!
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Further information - Specifications


Fine adjustment in both axes

For μm-precise fine adjustment of the X and Z direction.

Table configuration

Variable table configuration with tool holder and spindle.

Example of a structure

with three tool holders and a CNC spindle.

Ergonomic handle

The quick adjustment of the axes enables ergonomic working.




Optics carrier with rotating mid-center camera

Technical data

Technische Daten / Technical Data
Messung /
vertikal /
horizontal /
Messlänge X (ø) /
Measurement length X (ø)
400 mm / 600 mm
400 mm
Messlänge Z /
Measurement length Z
600 mm / 600 mm
300 mm
Gewicht /
300 kg
475 kg Easy /
460 kg CoVis
Masse (LxBxH) /
Dimensions (LxWxH)
1.267 x 570 x 1.273 mm
1.784 x 886 x 1.570 mm (inkl. TUL Rack V)
Software /
Material /
Sphäroguss /
Spheroidal graphite iron
Sphäroguss /
Spheroidal graphite iron
Optional /
• Untergestell TUL Rack V oder TUL-Werkbank
• Autofokus / CNC
• Drehmittenkamera
• Drehmittenmesseinrichtung
• Zusätzlicher Werkzeugmonitor
• Werkzeugklemmung
• RFID-System
• Reduzierungen
• Thermo-Etikettendrucker
• Schutzabdeckung
• Software CoVis
• Optikträger mit Drehmittenkamera / Optics carrier with rotating center camera
• Diverse Tischbestückungen
• Thermo-Etikettendrucker
• Schutzabdeckung
Paul Gossens - Chief Executive Officer

Paul Gossens - Chief Executive Officer

« Human-machine communication is considered intelligent production. With my many years of experience, I would also be pleased to show you a step-by-step implementation solution with your production.  »
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