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SafeControl 4.0

Digital Measuring

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SafeControl 4.0

SafeControl 4.0 der Kelch GmbH - Digitales Messen vereinfach!
Digital Measuring
A digital approach is much more convenient. Here the measurement result is shown directly on a display and can be read in plain text. This simplifies a measurement considerably. Another disadvantage is that a battery is required for the power supply, whose capacity is limited, as with all power storage devices.
Tablet Solution
Quality Assurance
Digital measurement of retraction forces for Tablet PCs

The Highlights


Thanks to the robust holder and ergonomic handle, the Safecontrol can be operated easily, quickly and efficiently.

Measurement accuracy

A high measuring accuracy is given by (0.5 % of the measuring range end value) and a large measuring range (0-100 kN)

Quality assurance

Calibration and repair service-Safecontrol 4.0 - is an important component for quality assurance as well as process and work safety in the production!

Measured Value Display

For better readability and identification of the measured spindle, the display of the measured values is integrated in the handle via a position orientation display.


After the clamping process in the machine spindle, a fast, trouble-free and reliable measurement is obtained immediately

Tablet Solution

Thanks to the new solution for Bluetooth between the measuring device and the tablet, more accurate data and work safety are guaranteed.

Working paperless

Thanks to digital measurement you can now work paperless and protect the environment.


One base unit suitable for all adapters (HSK, PSC and SK)
Das Kelch GmbH Safecontrol 4.0 im Einsatz! schnell, einfach und effizient!

Case set - A, B & C

Case set - A suitable for

SK40, SK50, HSK50, HSK63, HSK100, PSC50, PSC63, PSC80

Case set - B suitable for

SK30, HSK25, HSK32, HSK40, HSK80, PSC32, PSC40, PSC100

Case set - B suitable for

SK30, SK40, SK50, additional shear bolts and other accessories