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1D/2D Scanner

2D.ID Scanner festinstalliert an einem Messgerät
The 2D ID code contains both horizontal and vertical information. It is unique and can be read directly with standard optical readers such as stand-alone and handheld scanners, smartphones/tablets etc.
Exchange of information
App Solution
Starting today, scan and find tools with ease!
Unterschied 2D.ID zu RFID

Lesen / Read

Lesen/Schreiben - Reading/Writing

RFID chip with a binary data structure that is not directly readable and with a limited amount of data. High cost intensity as well as possible data loss due to induction (shrink fitting of the tool).
High risk of vendor locking (manufacturer dependency) of the read/write hardware to be used. Depending on the amount of data to be read/written, access can only be gained through longer downtimes.
Non-uniform structure of the binary data structure with large CNC control variety.
The data structure is defined by the machine/control manufacturer or the user himself. Therefore the user must always pay attention to how the data structure on the current chip is to be interpreted during read/write operations.
Manual selection of the machine control used (the user must know with which control the chip was written).
Binary data on the chip can only be managed in simplified tabular form. The additional storage of user-defined data such as 2D/3D graphics is not possible.
The worldwide unique 2D.ID marking can be applied to any tool component at low cost, easily and at any time retrofitted. Enormous cost savings during implementation within production.
Scanning of the 2D.ID by commercially available hardware possible. This is a supplier-independent and cost-effective way to scan the 2D.ID without downtime.
The central database solution offers a free and unrestricted amount of data for measured values, 3D data and numerous user-specific information. The 2D.ID is only used to assign the data to the respective complete tool.
The free 2D.ID portal offers 24/7 direct and unified access to the knowledge database of numerous tool manufacturers/suppliers. Data import/export to the central database is enabled by an exchange interface.
Forward-looking production through visualization of all process information with uniform data interfaces between third-party systems such as CAD/CAM, DNC etc.
Automatable setpoint/actual value data transfer to/from the tool presetting device for fast and uncomplicated set-up through uniform interfaces.
Acting instead of reacting through uniform data transfer interfaces between all resources connected in the production process (CNC machines, robots etc.)
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Hand Scanner

Hand Scanner

Scanner unit Image 2D

Connection possibility Multi-Interface

Scanoption Standard

Protection class IP65

Drop resistant 2 Meters

Scan direction Omnidirektional

Reading range distance Distance 0 - 100cm

Dimensions (WxDxH) 77x110x210 mm

Weight approx. 400g

Stand Scanner

Stand Scanner

Scanner unit Image 2D

Connection possibility Multi-Interface

Scan option Standart

Protection class IP65

Drop resistan 2 Meters

Scan direction Linear

Reading range distance 0 - 100cm

Dimensions (WxDxH) 25x27x43 mm

Weight approx. 80g

Avoid input errors

By scanning the 2D code you avoid tedious and expensive input errors during the search


The scanner optimizes internal processes and reduces machine downtime

Histories Tools

With the 2D.ID code on your tools the database stores entire histories

Reading range

The scanner has a reading range of up to 100cm

From manufacturer/supplier to customer

Your customers can access your centrally stored manufacturer information conveniently and free of charge on the 2D.ID portal

Individual adaptation

Obtain globally unique 2D codes for your articles. Manage your article information easily and individually in the online portal

save time

By the uniform 2D.ID portal for the articles provided by you, you save your customers a lot of time with the search


Enable your customers to access your article information worldwide 24/7 through the 2D.ID portal
Maxim Brauer - Chief Support Officer

Maxim Brauer - Chief Support Officer

« Since my basic mechanical training, I have been interested in the further development of production. The use of new technologies not only saves money, it also secures jobs and competitiveness. »
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