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Taper cleaner - RoWi 2

A clean thing

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Taper cleaner - RoWi 2

kegelreiniger mit Design, Ergonomie uns sehr saubere Werkzeugaufnahme!
Design and ergonomics
Solid housing with integrated timer to avoid continuous operation of the device and ergonomic design for safe, easy and efficient working.
Clean tool holder
A clean thing - taper cleaner

Your advantages

Clean tool holders for precision at the interface

Reduces scrap

Increases the lifetime

Protects the machine spindle

Ensures interchangeability precision and process reliability

Maintains the concentricity accuracy

Erfahren Sie alle Vorteile der sauberen Werkzeugaufnahme dank des Kelch Kegelreinigers RoWi 2!

Technical specifications

Technische Daten / Technical specifications
RoWi 2
Antrieb / Drive
Wechselstrommotor ca. 65 U/min /
Alternating current motor approx. 65 rpm

Anschluss / Connection

1 ~ 100 - 240V, 45 - 65Hz

Leistung / Power

max. 0,12 kW

Kegelgrössen / Taper size

Alle gängigen Kegelgrössen in HSK, PSC und SK erhältlich. /
All common taper sizes available in HSK, PSC and SK.

Drive unit Cleaning attachment



HSK 63 Form A, C, E

HSK 63 Form A, C, E

HSK 100 Form A, C, E

PSC 63

Dank des modularen Systemes haben SIe verschiedene Reinigungsaufsätze für den Kegelreiniger! garantiert eine saubere Sache!
Paul Gossens - Chief Executive Officer

Paul Gossens - Chief Executive Officer

« Human-machine communication is considered intelligent production. With my many years of experience, I would also be pleased to show you a step-by-step implementation solution with your production.  »
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