End-User-License-Agreement (EULA)

Below are the contractual provisions governing the use of the MySolutions GmbH software products through you, the end user (hereafter also: "Licensee"), listed. By installing the software you agree to the license agreement.

General terms and conditions

1. Subject of the contract
The contract is either on data carriers (disks/CDs) or software from the InterNet on-lined, the pro-gram description and operating instructions, as well as any other accompanying written material. They are referred to hereafter as "Software". The MySolutions GmbH draws attention to that it is not possible for the State of the art computer software to create that it works absolutely flawlessly in all applications and combinations. The contract is therefore only software, which is basically usable within the meaning of the program description and the instructions for use.

2. Scope of use
The MySolutions GmbH is guaranteed for the duration of this contract the simple non-exclusive and personal right (hereinafter also called "License") to use this software product on a single computer (i.e. with only a single central processing unit (CPU)), and only in one place. As a licensee, you may engage in physical form (stored on a disk that is) from one computer to another computer transfer, assuming that they will be used at any time on only a single computer. A further use is not permitted without additional special license in writing (such as multiple licenses, etc.) with the MySolutions GmbH.

3. Special restrictions
The software and the accompanying written material are protected by copyright. As far as the soft-ware with a copy protection is provided, the making of a single reserve copy for backup purposes only are allowed.
he licensee is prohibited from
1. ...without the software or the accompanying written material to a third party to hand over or a third party or how to make accessible written consent of MySolutions GmbH.
2. ...the software of a computer over a network or data transmission channel to another computer.
3. ...without the prior written consent of the MySolutions GmbH to modify the software, translate, reverse engineer, decompile or unzip assemble.
4. ..from the software to create derivative works reproduce the written material, to translate it or to amend or to create, derivative works of the written material.
5. ...to give the software away, rent or lend.

4. Ownership of rights
You will receive only property on the physical disk and the unopened InterNet package with the purchase of the product. An acquisition of rights to the software itself is not connected. The MySolutions GmbH reserves all publication, reproduction, machining processing and exploitation rights to the software.

5. Duration of the contract
The contract runs for an indefinite period. The right of the licensee to use the software shall automatically expire without notice if he violated a condition of this agreement or after a test phase of the computer removes the software. Upon termination of the right of use, he is obliged to destroy the original data media (diskettes/CDs) or the original packaged InterNet package, as well as all copies of the software including any amended copies as well as the written material.

6. Liability and warranty
The product is tested and verified its functioning when used properly by using the manuals or online help. No guarantee for the respective use possibility of the licensee. Occurred defects must be immediately in writing – to within of 8 working days since delivery open defects or hidden defects - a free for the dealers returning of the product to the dealer. The warranty is done by reworking or replacement delivery. A conversion or reduction claim only fails the rectification of defects or replacement delivery and under condition that unsuccessfully a grace period has been put the dealer at least 30 days. Any further warranty or claims, in particular claims for damages due to positive breach of contract, are excluded, unless intentional or grossly negligent action is assigned to the authorized dealer. Any liability for indirect damages is excluded in any case. In any case, all warranty claims expire 6 months after delivery.

7. Other
1. It shall be the laws of Switzerland (Court of jurisdiction: Office of MySolutions GmbH).
2. All rights and obligations arising from this contract are neither transferable nor assignable, without the consent of the contracting party unless otherwise stated in this agreement.
3. All agreements, changes or additions to this agreement in writing to be effective.
4. Should individual provisions of this contract be ineffective, that should not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Invalid provisions are to replace, who’s meaning and economic success as much as possible corresponds to the invalid provisions.

(Date 02-2012)