For about 20 years, our company has been developing tailor-made hardware and software solutions for manufacturing companies of all sizes and structures. The current market challenge is "Industry 4.0".

The "out-of-the-box" structure of our products allows rapid implementation in existing structures and can be easily adapted to individual customer needs. This flexible design allows individual optimization exactly where it is needed, while reducing initials and running costs.

From order entry to machining, you benefit from an exact order organization with consistent data management and connection to existing systems (ERP / PPS etc.) as well as existing hardware components (tool presetting devices, storage systems, etc.). They leave nothing to chance because processes are constantly monitored, feedback is triggered automatically and self-designed report evaluations are created.


The NC editor is a software for editing NC texts or G code. The editor simplifies the pro-cessing of NC programs or their sighting. Based on predefined functions, the data can be revised. The main functions are e.g. Copy, paste, block numbering and format revi-sion. Furthermore, a file comparison as well as serial (RS232) data transfer can be used.