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Monitoring (CMMS)

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MyXPert® Monitoring
The challenges here lie on the one hand in the complete data acquisition for the specified preventive and maintenance measures and on the other hand in the best possible use of tools and equipment on the machine.
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Cost reduction

The manufacturing solution which supports you with your tasks and measures

Get an insight into the exclusive modular system of MySolutions AG - your All-In-One supplier for the industry

Preventive maintenance

Thanks to our simple and functional address management, you can get your work done quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the history you can keep track of all your customers and suppliers.

Legal security

With the MyXPert® Monitoring you are even more legally secure. In case of emergency it is important to be able to access the complete information from a monitoring system.

Digital Signature

With OfficeManager you can book your stock movements directly and easily. Keep an overview of stocks, prices and storage locations.


With the MyXPert® Monitoring database solution the data is centrally stored in your company. Now you can work on your data from anywhere and use any information.

Modular expandable

The MyXPert® Monitoring is available as an additional module. You can purchase it with every package directly or later as an extension. According to your current needs.


Companies using a CMMS will realize their potential and continue to increase efficiency while maintaining or reducing energy resources.

MyXPert ® Monitoring

Module / Features




Adressen (Kunden, Lieferanten etc.) /
Addresses (customers, suppliers etc.)

Ressourcen (CNC-Maschinen, Handarbeitsplätze etc.) /
Resources (CNC machines, manual workstations etc.)


Artikel (Logistische Daten mit Preisen, Lagerorten etc.) /
Articles (Logistical data with prices, storage locations etc.)

Arbeitspläne (Vorlagen, Produktionsaufträge etc.) /
Work plans (templates, production orders etc.)

Fakturamodul /
Invoice Module
Reports (Arbeitspläne, Lagerentnahmelisten etc.) /
Reports (routings, stock picking lists etc.)

Reports, Angebot – Rechnung / Anfrage – Bestellung etc. /
Reports, offer - invoice / inquiry - order etc.


Reports (Einrichteblätter, Werkzeugmontagelisten etc.) /
Reports (set-up sheets, tool assembly lists etc.)


Komplettwerkzeuge und Werkzeugkomponenten /
Complete tools and tool components


2D/3D CAD manueller, halb-/vollautomatischer Zusammenbau /
2D/3D CAD manual, semi/fully automatic assembly


Reports (Grafische Werkzeugmontagelisten, Ablauflayouts etc.) /
Reports (graphical tool assembly lists, process layouts etc.)


2D.ID Technologie für einzelne Komponenten und Baugruppen /
2D.ID technology for individual components and assemblies


Werkzeugbeschaffung (Lieferantenanfragen, -bestellungen etc.) /
Tool purchasing (supplier enquiries, orders, etc.)


Vollständige Lagerbewirtschaftung /
Complete inventory management

Wartungsverwaltung (Monitoring) mit  eSignature Unterstützung /
Maintenance management (monitoring) with eSignature support

Not available
Modular Erhältlich / Modular Available
Inklusive / Inclusiv
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