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2.5D with 3-axis milling

Programming of milling machines, for the production of workpieces in the clamping milling machining with 3-axis milling machines.

It is easy to create a machining path in SprutCAM PDM.

In SprutCAM PDM you get the first toolpath without any parameter settings. Afterwards you can optimize the parameters and check the visual result.
Einfach, schnell und effizient einen Bearbeitungspfad erstellen, dank SprutCAM PDM!

3 axis milling in SprutCAM PDM


Fast material removal

For a fast material removal the new "Adaptive" strategy is used, which is based on the tool geometry and includes not only the fastest method, but also searches for the most optimal solution for the tool path calculation.

Click here for the video

Get the desired surface quality

Scallop and morph toolpaths help to you achieve the desired surface finish.

Equipment safety: collision control during toolpath calculation

SprutCAM PDM uses the limits of the machine axes for the first calculation of the tool paths. No extra-machining and separate simulation for collision and axis limitation control is required.
Collision control of the tool holders

Collision control of the tool holders

Check and prevent of collisions for the tool holder when calculating the tool paths.
Collision control of moving parts

Collision control of moving parts

When calculating the tool paths, moving machine parts and the workpiece are checked for collisions.
Axis limitation control

Axis limitation control

Axis limits are taken into account when calculating the tool paths.

3 basic tool path strategies for 3-axis machining in SprutCAM PDM

The most commonly used tool path strategies for 3-axis machining in SprutCAM PDM. You will also use them frequently.
Roughing Z constant

Roughing Z constant

Tool path calculation according to industry standard. The roughing of the Z-constant strategy in SprutCAM is intelligent and fast. There are equidistant, parallel, adaptive and HSC strategies.
5A Drilling machining

5A Drilling machining

Drilling, tapping, centering, countersinking, boring, milling of holes.
2D contour operation

2D contour operation

The most universal operation. Here you can select curves in the 2D plane and define a toolpath based on them.

Complete list of 3-axis machining strategies

face milling, roughing Z-constant, roughing surface, pocket machining, 5A drilling, rotary milling, sawing
Rest machining

All the 3-axis travel-paths can be used not only on 3-axis machines

But also on 4- and 5-axis milling and turning/milling machines.
A visually displayed part in the SprutCAM machining
A visually displayed part in the SprutCAM machining
A visually displayed part in the SprutCAM machining

Time saving in 3-axis machining

Automatic detection of flat surfaces, holes and residual material

Time saving through automatic rest material processing

Rest material machining removes material that could not be removed with an earlier tool or operation.

In SprutCAM, areas for rest machining are automatically detected. In this way SprutCAM PDM saves the operator not only time for creating toolpaths but also time for machining.

Especially useful for free-form surface machining.

Save time with the automatic "drill diameter detection" function

Select a set of holes with one click and simultaneously generate the calculation of the tool paths. Enormous time savings for workpieces with a large number of holes.

For example, a part for heat exchangers can contain 2000 holes. This automation saves the operator hours.

Time saving through automatic detection of flat surfaces

The automatic flat surface detection performs the additional passes for all flat surfaces in the Z-plane machining area. No additional toolpaths are required for the surfaces between the steps of the Z constant operation.

Sketch-based editing

Design a part in integrated 2D CAD and use it as output data for machining.
Maxim Brauer - Chief Support Officer

Maxim Brauer - Chief Support Officer

« Since my basic mechanical training, I have been interested in the further development of production. The use of new technologies not only saves money, it also secures jobs and competitiveness. »
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