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5-Axis cutting programming

CNC programming of knife -, laser -, water jet -, plasma cutting.

SprutCAM PDM supports these types of 5-axis cutting

Laser cutting

Laser cutting

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting

Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting

Knife cutting

Knife cutting

5-Axis cutting programming in SprutCAM

Programming of 5-axis cutting machines

Get to the toolpath quickly

This is how quickly you get the tool path:

1. determine the edge on the model;
2. in SprutCAM PDM you can also select one of the adjacent surfaces to control the tool axis;
3. select the direction of the tool axis with respect to the selected surface: tool tip or flank.
4. press Start.

The function is executed by using both the solid model and the mesh model.

Tool axis control at each toolpath point: lead and lean angles

After calculating the toolpath, you can edit the tool vector at any point. You can set the tilt and slope angles at any point of the toolpath.

Inclination and slope angles can be set manually or automatically using the toolpath optimization map.

This helps to avoid collisions between machine, workpieces and singularities.

Interactive toolpath editing after calculation

Often the actual workpiece geometry does not match the CAD model.

Therefore in SprutCAM PDM the toolpath is converted into a spline and can be machined directly in the interface

5-axis machine laser cutting example

5 axis +(plus) cutting programming in SprutCAM

Additional axis and knife cutting

Additional axis support

SprutCAM PDM supports additional axes. For example, the 6th turning axis located on the machine table.

5 axis +(plus) knife cutting

SprutCAM PDM has a special solution for knife cutting for the knife safety and blade direction control. What can be configured:

- toolpath curvature limit when knife turning in the material;
- the knife can be double-sided: you can cut by one side or by the other one;
- knife retraction and rotation in the air at sharp toolpath corners.

5 axis +(plus) knife cutting example

SprutCAM advantages for multi-axis cutting

Streamlined workflow, toolpath safety, NC programming at speed.

Taking into account machine kinematics

SprutCAM PDM takes into account the machine kinematics with all its limitations already while initial toolpath is calculated.

The simulation is performed in the background immediately after the toolpath is calculated. User can avoid all the collisions if happened and even does not need to switch to simulation tab.

Thus the CNC programming workflow streamlines and takes much less time especially for 5-axis machines programming

Automatic singularity avoidance

SprutCAM PDM has special singularities controlling parameters which makes 5- and 5+ axis machines programming much easier.

Maxim Brauer - Chief Support Officer

Maxim Brauer - Chief Support Officer

« Since my basic mechanical training, I have been interested in the further development of production. The use of new technologies not only saves money, it also secures jobs and competitiveness. »
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