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4-axis milling programming

Rotary milling for the production of worms, blades, gears, etc.

It is very easy to create a tool path in SprutCAM PDM

In SprutCAM PDM you get the first toolpath without any parameter settings. Afterwards you can try out the parameters and check the result visually.
Es ist einfach, einen Bearbeitungspfad in SprutCAM PDM zu erstellen

Rotary machining in SprutCAM PDM


4 axis index machining

All 3-axis machining strategies are also available for 4-axis index machining.

Continuous 4-axis machining

SprutCAM PDM offers the best roughing operation in continuous 4-axis machining for efficient material removal. The desired surface result can then be generated by the finishing operation.

3 basic strategies for 4-axis machining in SprutCAM PDM

Rotary machining with special tool paths
Rotary roughing

Rotary roughing

A process for removing a large amount of material. There are tool paths for machining with spiral, circular and linear guides. The entire circle or section can be machined.
Rotary finishing

Rotary finishing

Just like 3-axis finishing. Adjust the parameters to obtain the desired surface finish.
Profile machining (5d contour)

Profile machining (5d contour)

The versatile toolpath strategy allows you to use a given curve as job geometry.

Simulation of rotary machining

SprutCAM PDM simulates rotary machining with all moving parts of the machine and collision control.
Maxim Brauer - Chief Support Officer

Maxim Brauer - Chief Support Officer

« Since my basic mechanical training, I have been interested in the further development of production. The use of new technologies not only saves money, it also secures jobs and competitiveness. »
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