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Advanced turn-mill programming in SprutCAM PDM

Swiss-type machines and MTM (multi-channel machining) with synchronization

All milling and turning strategies are suitable for advanced mill-turn programming in SprutCAM

2.5 and 3 axis milling programming

Production of body parts, mold&dies and any other parts on a 3 axis milling machine.

Lathe machines programming

SprutCAM for lathe machines: turning and boring of cylindrical, conical and shaped surfaces, threading, trimming, facing, drilling and reaming holes

Swiss-type toolpath calculation and machining simulation

The simulation show all complex moving parts with no exceptions and provider proper collision control to the user.

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Double-spindle Swiss-type machining

The simulation show all complex moving parts with no exceptions and provider proper collision control to the user. Double-spindle Swiss-type machining

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Multichannel with synchronization (MTM)

Multi-channel machining on turn, mill-turn machines and Swiss-type machines.

Sync points setup

Each MTM node works with a separate controller, according to its program. Therefore, it is necessary to create NC code for each machine controller. These programs should be synchronized, so, waiting possibility is necessary.

SprutCAM has the sync points setup feature for this purpose. Sync points can be put anywhere in the NC code.

Machine time optimization

Toolpath calculation and simulation

Auxiliary operations

Evaluation and load balancing on each of the control channels. Distribution of job between channels.
Machine kinematic schemes with several nodes, several workpiece fixing places and possibility of axes distribution between several channels.

Loading, unloading and takeover of the workpiece programming.

Multichannel machining examples


synchronized machining

Spindle and counter-spindle synchronized machining with takeover

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Synchronous 2-cutters rough turning

Synchronisierte Bearbeitung

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Automatic part loader programming

CNC lathe and industrial robot work together. The robot loads, turns and unloads the workpiece. Lathe works according to it's NC code. The machine and the robot are synchronized. The whole process is programmed in SprutCAM.

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Maxim Brauer - Chief Support Officer

Maxim Brauer - Chief Support Officer

« Since my basic mechanical training, I have been interested in the further development of production. The use of new technologies not only saves money, it also secures jobs and competitiveness. »
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