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Data capture (MDC/SFDC) Machine data capture/Shop floor data capture

Datenerfassung - Alle Daten zentral gespeichert!
Data capture
With the MDC/SFDC add-on modules, the entire data capture is a child's play. In combination with the industrial terminals you are optimally equipped for paperless data collection. Numerous interfaces for existing ERP systems and modern CNC controls are available.
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Planning production

Planning production

Collect real-time data

Collect real-time data

Monitor production

Monitor production

evaluate information

evaluate information


With up-to-date operating data, your processes can be controlled quickly and efficiently. Even beginners will quickly find their way around. Redundant entries and classic errors are avoided.


Automatic monitoring of machines/plants and quantities generate reliable characteristic and planning figures. You receive up-to-date feedback from the machine.

Monitoring / Evaluation

An overview of nominal/actual comparison representations allows a process-reliable evaluation of quantities, running times, deadlines, maintenance, machines, test and measuring equipment, tools and much more.

Machine/Shop-Floor data capture (MDC/SFDC) methods

Operating data is defined at various points. All data, be it of people, machines or transport equipment, are recorded and passed on. The methods with which MDC/SFDC data can be recorded are also very extensive.

Manual recording

Time measurements such as the deployment of personnel or actions in the warehouse are recorded manually. Meter readings at production sites are noted. However, this is very error-prone and very slow. For this reason, manual recording only makes sense and is economical up to a certain amount of data.

Mechanical evaluation

Another method of recording is the mechanical determination of data. Typical examples are counters such as hour meters or odometers in vehicles. These mechanical methods also provide results as an intermediate step. These values must also be written down or digitally processed. As with the manual method, reading errors and thus loss of information can occur.

Digital Recording

When operating data is digitally recorded, the information is immediately displayed in binary form. The great advantage is the immediate availability of the data, which is essential for controlling the plant/machine and the production process. The factors "manual" and "mechanical" are excluded.

Networking with SCADA

Manual, mechanically displayed or digitally determined data must be brought to the places where they are needed for further analysis. This is mainly production control in addition to the economic efficiency calculation. In order to keep the data up-to-date, it is necessary to network the data acquisition points. Which method is chosen for data collection depends on many criteria. The most important criterion is the question of the existing or economic possibilities. Especially in a production environment, new machines can often be equipped with digital measurement technology at low cost. This greatly facilitates the use of MDC/SFDC data and increases quality.

Production / Production process Pyramid

PlanningData acquisitionPlanning levelProcess levelControl levelInput- /output signalsField levelManufacturing / Production processManagement level
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