MyXPert ePaper Displays

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MyXPert ePaper Displays with the advantages of paper

MyXPert ePaper Displays

& your benefits!

Good readability

180° viewing angle stability with high contrast - Discover how the MyXPert ePaper displays can be used in manufacturing and logistics to display markings, labels and much more on digital paper.


Tiny microcapsules can bring electrically charged black and white pigments to the surface, depending on the voltage, to create an image. Colors are made possible by colored filters placed over the microcapsules.

Power saving

Consumption of energy only when changing images - This makes the MyXPert ePaper Displays energy-saving and environmentally friendly. They can even be used for up to 10 years without changing batteries.

The ePaper Display family

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Your advantages at a glance

Good readability

180° viewing angle stability with high contrast

Power saving

Energy consumption only when changing the image

Cost saving

Reduced downtime and low material -and energy consumption


From production to retail to logistics and much more - ePaper can be used almost anywhere


Variety of sizes, shapes and designs, optionally with LED

Material saving

Less need for paper and long battery life


High-quality software for centralized communication and updates

MyXPert ePaper in 4 Farben
With the multicolor MyXPert ePaper Displays, there are no limits to creativity

Full creativity with MORE colors

The MyXPert ePaper displays are also available in multiple colors: black, white, red, yellow and optional orange, blue and green. With this you can let your creativity run wild. MyXPert ePaper Displays redefine the future of digital display technology.

Application areas

The versatile application areas of the MyXPert ePaper Displays are almost unlimited. They range from displaying production status and progress, inventory and logistic information, to alarms and notifications when problems occur. They can also be used for door signs with changing room occupancy information for conference and meeting rooms, digital signage systems in public buildings and businesses, and public information displays in the tourism and marketing sectors. Even as name badges they look great.

MyXPert ePaper Namensschilder
Whether at meetings, events or trade fairs - the MyXPert ePaper name badges with access and authorization function are useful and chic.
MyXPert ePaper Workshop Info
Practical and chic - the MyXPert ePaper Display makes life in production a whole lot easier with its optional magnetic mount.

MyXPert ePaper Displays e.g. for

  • Production status and progress
  • Inventory and logistics information
  • Quality control data and results
  • Work instructions and process steps
  • Maintenance plans and instructions
  • Alarms and notifications when problems occur
  • Employee schedules and assignments
  • and much more…
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